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Dentist and there staff have a combined 20 years in Dentistry.
Doctors specializes in General Dentistry for all members of the family.
We also have a plethora of contacts for the special works we may not do in the office.
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Our Dentist is a gentle and caring person with numerous satisfied clients.
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Dr Rodolfo Gonsalez Zarate


Dr Carlos Suarez


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Dr Noel Rivas

Puerto Vallarta

Dra Fabiola Gastelum


Dr Luis Manuel Rodriguez


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Dra Rosy Pena

Cabo San Lucas
This Space Available

Puerto Penesco
Dr Salvador Botello


Dra Maria Luisa Arce


Dra Hoffman - Dr Ortiz


Dr Hector Alcazar


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Dr Gustavo Sanchez


How Should You Pick Your Dentist?

You will need to take quite a few factors into account before you can make a decision on who you want your dentist to be. It is okay to set a few months to be able to do this - you should not rush through this important part of the process. Finding the right dentist for you is absolutely pivotal because it can help you in many ways, not only related to your oral health, but possibly also with any dental anxiety that you may have.

You may need to take into consideration where exactly the dental clinic is and whether it is close to you or not. A clinic that is nearby your home or work makes all the difference when it comes to planning, particularly if you have a very demanding job and are very busy. However, you may have to trade ease for comfort if you find a dentist that you are really comfortable with that is a little bit further out.

It is also a good idea to ask your friends and family for recommendations. They will be able to discuss their treatment with you and give you an indication of the doctor's personality and approach. If you find a dentist that you think you might like, you should ask your friends if they have heard of him or her.

They may have some information that you would want to know. It is also totally expected for you to research your dentist and she will not be put off or caught off guard if you bring up her qualifications. In many cases, you may find common ground and you may be able to start building a rapport from that.

Don't worry if you cannot seem to find the right dentist for you straightaway.

It can take a little bit of time to get it right and to find someone that you really click with. Make sure that you are ready for a long but fulfilling process from the start.