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About Global One Directory

width="200"The products, services and experiences that we develop are designed to appeal to a large audience because, first and foremost it is useful, desirable and credible, rather than because it represents the "right thing to do.


Wer'e not ashamed of our behavioural mission and we don't think consumers as apathetic or ignorant about issues, but we do know that goodness or greenness are not the most compelling primary factors for mainstream consumers.Therefore our marketing strategies aim to get what we create into as many hands as possible.We deliver this through low cost, high value channels, particularly using PR, social media and strong support from partners.


width="200"Welcome to The Global One Shopping Directory Spread the word...there is a new mall in town. We are open and ready to serve you. You are important to us. The Global One Shopping Directory is about you and your lifestyle. We hope you will find what you're looking for while visiting the variety of mall shops that include handcrafted, retail, unique pet and wholesale items. And you can shop with confidence knowing we strive to make The Global One Shopping Directory a friendly, safe environment for all ages.


We have always been people very keen on using the web to solve as many problem as possible in every day life. So, a short time ago, we decided to create an international directory of shopping related websites whose primary focus was to allow the consumer to select and obtain all kind of goods and services all over the Web.

Global One Thoughts

We tried to select reputable companies with good reccomendations to help the cunsumer to be safe and satisfied on their purchases. And it worked! Now our aim is to make The Global One Shopping Directory bigger and bigger, so we can offer to potential and faithfull user all the best over the world. The Global One Shopping Directory a safe window open on worlwide shopping on line.


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